Since its formation in 1992, Rossrock has been acquiring commercial mortgage loans  and investing in commercial real estate properties on a value-added basis.

Prior to 1992, Rossrock was a private investment firm with  investments directed principally toward multi-family real estate and distressed corporate debt. Rossrock Company acquired Unimet Inc., an Ohio-based conglomerate and was a managing partner in the acquisition from the United States Maritime Administration of bonds issued by CLC of America, Inc., a New York Stock Exchange conglomerate. CLC was merged into the Archer Daniels Midland Company after emerging from bankruptcy.

Rossrock’s prior experience investing in real estate assets and corporate distressed debt lead  Rossrock’s current emphasis on acquiring commercial real estate debt. Over the past 20 years, Rossrock has formed 28 partnerships to acquire real estate and commercial mortgage debt. Rossrock continued its commercial debt acquisitions through the formation of two funds:  Rossrock 2005 Fund, with $50 million in equity investments,  and Rossrock Fund II, with $160 million in equity investments.

Most recently, Rossrock has participated in a series of joint ventures to provide financing and special servicing for loan acquisitions. Rossrock now services approximately 150 loans on behalf of its joint venture partners.