From its offices in New York, Rossrock provides a full range of loan administration and property management services, including the following:

Loan Servicing
In addition to its own portfolios, Rossrock provides loan servicing and accounting for a number of investor clients. This includes monitoring loan payments through the Loan Administrator software system, together with tax and insurance escrows, preparation of customized status reports, and general accounting services. Currently, Rossrock services over $300 million in loans on behalf of its third party clients.

Property Management
Rossrock manages a variety of property types, including multi-family, retail, office, industrial and parking. Property management activities include accounting with the Timberline software system, lease negotiation, building improvements and regulatory compliance.

Property Development
Rossrock has engaged in the repositioning and redevelopment of numerous properties. Representative transactions include:

  • 4055 Tenth Avenue, New York, a 60,000 square foot industrial property which Rossrock converted into a parking garage
  • 103-22 Rockaway Beach Boulevard, Rockaway Beach, New York, a 40,000 square foot retail property, renovated and retenanted by Rossrock
  • Stone Manor Condominiums, a 147 “busted” condominium conversion in Atlanta, Georgia, redeveloped by Rossrock
  • 62 Pearl Street, a downtown industrial building converted into apartments and retail stores
  • 158 West 23rd Street, a Chelsea IMD property converted into residential and retail condominiums